May 20, 2017

Summer essentials

My summer essentials will always be a straw hat of some kind, denim shorts and sandals. But often it feels like something is missing, and to me that is jewelry. I always wear a ton of rings, and necklaces. I got this pinky ring from Onecklace with my initial engraved on it a couple of weeks back and I’ve been wearing it every day since. It has become a staple amongst my everyday rings. Layering necklaces can be tricky, but I always try to wear necklaces in different lengths and when I came across this dreamcatcher necklace, I knew it would fit right in with my collection.

Onecklace star earrings
Onecklace dreamcatcher necklace
Onecklace engraved ring
Vintage Levi’s 501 shorts
Mango straw hat (similar here)
Assembly label striped sweater (similar oneĀ here)
Birkenstock sandals

August 4, 2016


Honeygold blazer, Brandy Melville t-shirt, Velvet jeans, Asos belt
Honeygold shirt and blazer
Honeygold blazer, Brandy Melville t-shirt, Velvet jeans, Asos belt

I always love adding basics to my closet and when I got this Honeygold blazer and shirt in the mail the other day, I instantly wore both the shirt and blazer. They are the perfect basics and go so well together or separate. To not make the blazer too business-like, I wore it with a band t-shirt and ripped jeans. Also, how amazing is the subtle jacquard print on the blazer? And what’s even better, I have a discount code for you! Use my personal code “myfashioninspo15” to get 15% off their collection! The code is valid till the end of August.

Honeygold blazer
Honeygold shirt
Brandy Melville t-shirt (similar here)
Asos belt
Velvet jeans

July 7, 2016

Silver Ring

Tribalik silver ring
Tribalik silver ring

Got this super nice silver ring from Tribalik the other day and I love it. I was on the search for a new silver ring for my middle finger for a while and I finally found it, yay! Get it here.

  1. thestyleventure: Such a pretty ring!
  2. Lene
    Lene: thank you! :)