January 21, 2014

Pink Furry Clutch DIY

As promised the weekend DIY video for this week: How to make a pink furry/fluffy clutch.

I came across this street style picture a while ago of the clutch of which this DIY was inspired by and I got obsessed. Since I couldn’t find the original clutch by Hache, I decided to make my own. Hope you guys like it!

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  1. Lene
    Lene: Thank you Alexsaray :) You should give it a go! <3
  2. beyoudesign: hi! how many metres i have to buy? i love it
  3. Lene: Hi! I got two meters but I made two clutches, so one meter should be plenty :D

January 17, 2014

Gray Coat

United colors of Benetton beanie, H&M light grey coat, Weekday cashmere knit, Monki jeans, Celine bag, Asos boots
United colors of Benetton beanie, H&M coat, Weekday cashmere knit
Asos boots
Celine trio bag

I had been looking for a gray coat for a while when I saw this one at H&M. It is an online exclusive with no pictures of how it looks like on, so I ended up with the wrong size at first, but today the right size came in the mail and I immediately wanted to wear it. Oh and this is the first outfit post with my Celine bag, and I just want to give a heads up, there will be A LOT more to come. I love it so much and I feel like it adds an instant chic factor to any outfit.

United Colors of Benetton beanie (similar here)
H&M coat
Weekday  turtleneck (similar here)
Celine Trio bag (similar here)
Monki jeans
Asos boots

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  1. Lene
    Lene: Thank you so much! I like non fuzz dressing so I'm happy you like it :)
  2. Gemma: Great post! I love this coat, just curious on the sizing issue that you mentioned. Did you have to size down when you ordered the second coat? Thanks
  3. Lene
    Lene: Thank you Gemma! Yes, I had to size down. I'm usually a 36 in H&M clothes, but that coat was so big in 36 that I went for a 34. And the 34 fits me perfectly :)

January 13, 2014

New Blog!

Topshop knit, Zara shirt

You might have noticed a silence from me during the last month, and this is the reason why. We’ve been working on making my new blog, and I can’t say it enough how excited I am about this! I want to thank all of you guys who are still following me and also a big thank you to you who have asked when I will blog again. It makes it extra fun to be able to show you this new and improved website!

What you can expect on this blog is quality over quantity. Therefore we have decided to make one video episode a week and one outfit post (if I feel extra inspired, there might be a few more ;)). The episodes will be categorized in shows called  Video Lookbook, Weekend DIY, Collection Mania and Specials. If you have some suggestions, or feedback please feel free to leave a comment!

If you’re already familiar with my blog, it might still be interesting to scroll through the new site since I hand picked some of the nicest posts and even updated some. For the power users out there, you can use the J-key to jump scroll to the next post and the L-key to go to the next blog page.

So with that being said, let’s start this new adventure together! I hope you all are as excited as I am 😀

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  1. Lene
    Lene: Thank you very much! I'm happy to hear that! Nice to know people keep track of me :D Xx
  2. Debbie: Love your new blog babe! Happy to see you blogging againg :)
  3. Lene
    Lene: Thank you Debbie! It's really nice to blog again too <3

January 7, 2014

Walk-In Closet Tour

I’ve been wanting to give you guys a tour of my walk-in closet for a while now, and finally did a major clean out last week where I decided to only keep the things I absolutely love and wear a lot. We had so much fun making this video so, let me know what you guys think!

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  1. qognsgklmg: Where is the striped dresss from? Lovely
  2. Tamara: Hello Lene! Your closet is so stunning! You're so lucky! I have a question, can you please tell me the depth and the lenght of it? Thank you so much!
  3. Jennifer: Hello Lene! You are a great fashion inspiration. I found you when researching "Breakfast @ T" clothing. Thank you from Houston Texas

January 5, 2014


Topshop knit, Zara shirt, Gina Tricot jeans, Zara shoes, Modemusthaves sunglasses
Topshop knit, Zara shirt, Gina Tricot jeans, Zara shoes, Modemusthaves sunglasses
Zara furry animal slip on shoes

This outfit got inspired by this picture of Yasmin Sewell. I’m not really comfortable in heels anymore (read; I twist my ankles and fall), so I put on my gorgeous pair of Zara slip ons instead. So I guess in that way, this outfit is a bit more me. Oh and this sweater? Got it at the Topshop section they now have at DeBijenkorf (Dutch department store for those who don’t know). I gotta say Amsterdam is really getting good when it comes to shopping.


ModeMustHaves sunglasses
Topshop knit
Zara shirt
Gina Tricot jeans (similar ones here that are the exact ones Yasmin Sewell wears)
Zara slip ons

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  1. Lene
    Lene: Thank you very much :) I'm happy to inspire!
  2. Lisa: Gorgeous! Are those slip-ons still available anywhere? Xxx
  3. Lene
    Lene: Thanks Lisa! I don't think so, but maybe on eBay or something? Xx