February 8, 2015 - Beauty


Bioderma Crealine h20

Last week I spent a week on winter sports in France with my family in law. Apart from being excited to snowboard again, I was very eager to go to some French pharmacies because of how often I had read that French pharmacies have so many hidden gems when it comes to beauty products. So before we left I set up a little list with the products that were most praised. I’m glad to say I managed to find most of them! Over the course of the coming weeks I’ll be trying the products and blog about my experience with them. I will probably also do a compilation video at the end so stay tuned for that.

Let’s begin with this Bioderma make-up remover. It is hands down the best make-up remover I have ever tried. It is not oily, it has no smell, it is perfect for sensitive skin and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. And one of the best parts about it is that it’s not expensive at € 19.90. A must have! Buy here or here.