October 20, 2013 - Episodes

Green Felt Cap

Asos cap, Acne scarf
Asos cap, Acne scarf, Mango jacket, Filippa K sweater, Bik Bok jeans, Mulberry bag, Bianco boots


This video and these pictures were taken last week when we had a snowy day in Amsterdam. Today however is another story, it is raining cats and dogs! But at least the snow is gone 🙂 After I saw this hat on Sara Strand I had to buy it, it is sooo cool I think!

Asos felt cap (similar one from Asos)
Acne scarf
Filippa K mens sweater (similar one from Asos)
Mango puffy jacket
Mulberry bag (similar one from Asos)
Bik Bok jeans
Bianco boots (similars from Nelly)