December 18, 2013

Set the Bar High

I was introduced to SET a couple of weeks ago and I immediately fell for their laid back but chic collection. The clothes are basics with a twist and, as you might know, I love clothes with a twist! So when I was asked to make a video including these amazing pants and this lovely jacket with leather inserts from SET, the outfit ideas started to pop up in my head. I wanted to look laid back but also classic (for a change) so I switched my usual sneakers for heels and off we went to shoot. I absolutely love these track pants (if I can call them that) and combined with the jacket with leather inserts it made the look classic but laid back. And what’s not to love about that, right?

SET jacket
SET pants
Lindex sunglasses (similars)
Cubus turtleneck (similar)
Zara heels (similars)

December 10, 2013

My Sunglasses Collection

I figured I’d do a video on my collection of sunglasses in the same fashion as the beanie mania video. This is pretty much my whole collection of sunglasses that I have gathered through the years. Listed in no particular order.

Vintage Ray Ban aviators
Ray ban mirror aviators
Sunpocket black
Cubus cateye (similars here)
Lindex black (similars here)
Topshop pink clubmasters
H&M round mirror (similars here)
Vintage Topshop
Sunpocket red
Cubus round (similars here)
H&M beige mirror (similars here)
BikBok black round-ish
Gina Tricot round pink (similars here)
BikBok black round (similars here)
Sunpocket white
eBay blue with mirror
eBay clear with blue mirror
BikBok white mirror (similars here)
My Dads vintage round Polo Ralph Lauren

December 5, 2013

Vila Flower Suit

Other than almost setting the kitchen on fire (!!) today, it has been a pretty uneventful day. Went to the city centre to look around a bit today (if you follow me on Instagram you know what went down). Anyways, I got this beautiful suit from Vila the other day, and I absolutely love it. I am all set for summer!

H&M sunglasses (similars here)
Vila jacket
Vila shorts
Zara tee
H&M rings (similars here)
Acne bag (black one here)
Zara shoes (similars here)

December 1, 2013

Beige tones

Benetton beanie, Second-hand blazer, Acne tee, Second-hand leather pants, H&M sunglasses, Bianco boots
Benetton beanie, Second-hand blazer, Acne tee, Second-hand leather pants, H&M sunglasses
Acne t-shirt

I was about to write something completely different when I realized that most of this outfit consists of things second-hand. The Acne t-shirt and the leather pants I got from a bloggers sale, and the blazer/jacket is thrifted. So with that being said, you should try to go out and thrift! You can find some amazing things real cheap.

United Colors of Benetton beanie (similar)
H&M sunglasses (similars)
Second-hand blazer (similar)
Acne t-shirt (similar)
Second-hand leather pants (similars)
Bianco boots (similars)