April 1, 2013

Spring Road Trip

We took a little road trip to Haarlem and the beach yesterday and it was so nice! I really missed walking barefoot in the sand! Also found some awesome vintage shops in Haarlem that I’m definitely gonna go back to.

Ray Bans
Monki jacket
Monki sweater
Tons of necklaces (good ones here)
Gina Tricot jeans
Vintage bag (similar)

March 1, 2013


Yesterday we made bruschetta as a little snack. I never made it before, but it turned out so great, and it tasted so delicious. I think I had like 10 of them, hahaha.

The recipe is quite simple, you just squeeze all moist from some tomatoes, cut them up into small pieces, add some garlic, herbs, salt and pepper and put it all together on a slice of toasted french bread.

February 15, 2013

Bejeweled Jeans DIY

Here is the video tutorial on how I made the bejeweled jeans. Hope you like it and that it inspired you to do something similar!

What you need:

Baggy jeans
Sew on crystals