January 24, 2014 - Outfits

The Hat

Topshop hat, Mango coat, H&M leather pants, Vans leather shoes
Topshop hat, Mango coat, Weekday cashmere knit
Celine black trio bag, H&M leather pants, Vans leather shoes

It’s not often I wear hats like these, but there was just something about this hat that drew me to it. My head is rather small (I fit into kids hats, haha) so the fact that it actually fit was quite surprising. Still madly in love with my little trio, it is just big enough to fit the essentials (read phone, wallet and keys).

Topshop hat
Weekday cashmere knit (similar here)
Mango coat (similarĀ here)
H&M leather pants (similars here)
Celine trio bag (similar here)
Vans leather shoes

  1. anoukvanberlo: Perfecte outfit! Love it :)
  2. Lene
    Lene: Thank you! I usually never wear hats, but wanted to try it out, so I'm happy you love it! :)